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Metering & Billing


Smart Meter to Building Management System automation & integration.


Metering and Billing is one of the most important aspects of community energy schemes and it is essential that consumers, housing providers and energy providers have absolute confidence in the accuracy and reliability of their systems.


Business Benefits

While accurate metering is essential, it isn’t the only consideration. Understandable bills for consumers and flexibility of payment methods can be hugely beneficial and, when the correct solution is chosen, help residents from accruing unmanageable debt.


Security is an important consideration in Metering & Billing and we ensure that our solutions are safe and secure. This is seen in every aspect of our systems, from payment security and fraud protection to data encryption.


Environmental Benefits

Improved information and increased awareness of energy usage allows consumers to make more informed decisions about how much energy they use and how they use it.


Studies have shown that when SMART meters were installed and residents were given meaningful data about their usage and the associated cost, their consumption decreased significantly. In one location this resulted in a 30% reduction in CO₂emission and £400 in costs per household per year.


Take control of your room

Key Benefits

  • Flexible billing - OAIRO provides a variety of billing methods to suit different project requirements including Pay As You Go, Managed Credit and Credit Billing (Location specific)

  • Variety of payment options - Residents can pay online using their credit and debit card or set up an direct payments. Alternatively, they can call our customer support team to make payments over the phone or purchase credit from any approved pay kiosk.

  • Security of payments - The system encryption technologies are set above industry standard levels and all relevant payments are taken under Payment Card Industry Compliance.

  • Fraud prevention - For online credit card and debit card transactions, 3D Secure technology (part of the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode schemes) is used to prevent fraudulent transactions.

  • Remotely managed - Remote operation means that tariffs can be updated, credit applied, billing modes switched and meter reading information collected from our local distribution partners.

  • Choice of tariffs - solution supports a wide range of tariff formats from variable rates and standing charges to Time of Use (TOU) tariffs.

  • Interactive display - Information is supplied directly to residents through the web interface to phone, tablet or PC.

  • Regular reporting - We can provide regular tailored reports to show consumption, payments and debt reduction to allow energy providers to monitor revenue collection against consumption.