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Our unique designs, specification and controls allow 3-100% variable fan speed with controlled re-circulated / fresh air mix, fan speed combined with flow control to each zone from the fancoil.


The sections are designed such that each fan / motor in the fan coil serves one plenum section alone. This means that  each zone is dealt with by the demand within the specific zone, in terms of the air volume / pressure, it is delivered only to the specific plenum section in front of it and consequently only to the zone that that plenum chamber is ducted to, giving unique control of fresh and re-circulated air from the input chambers.


The OAIROFan becomes a unique localised unit working in combination with our other technologies / central plant and being fully controlled by the central OAIRO BMS controller.


The result is a unit which is up to 52% more efficient than standard fancoils, when combined with OAIRO molecular technology can produce savings up to 70%.

Hot, Cold and Freshair control

Human wellbeing together with the built asset will benefit from the perfect atmosphere.


The resulting Energy Savings reduces emissions of CO2 reducing climate change


Your advantages with INTELIcoil fcu:

•Energy cost savings of an average of 50-70%

•Pressure and Molecular reaction control

•Fully controlled Delta T

•Reduction of CO2 emissions

•Pleasant and healthy indoor climate with fresh air control

•Low costs for retrofitting

•Reduced maintenance costs

•Unique easy clean filter solution via reverse air cycling

•Optimal mixing of re-circulated / fresh air based on CO2

•Active maintenance alerts and efficiency reporting via BMS

•Unique EBM PAPST high efficiency motors