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OAIRO SaaS - Funded Energy Savings



Software as a Service combined with energy service agreement


Commercial Property Owners and Managers are increasingly regulated and subject to investor requirements to disclose the energy performance of their buildings.


Capturing and rating energy performance is critical.



Giving confidence in the value of energy savings is critical to CFOs and Investors, OAIRO increases your cash flows and profits from energy savings with a performance and insurance guarantee.


Insurance Policy

Our Equipment Performance Guarantee is delivered by way of an insurance policy underwritten by A-rated global insurers and designed to make up the financial shortfall in the extremely unlikely event your project fails to deliver the projected financial savings.


The policy is designed specifically to remove the risk to your business of investing in under-performing equipment. If the technology doesn’t deliver the savings, the insurance policy will.


Guaranteed - Insured;-


Indoor atmosphere quality Energy & cost savings
Finance repayments

Emissions Reductions

Occupant well-being


Immediate operating & utility expense reduction by up to 70%

Online 24/7 system & efficiency reporting & verification

No balance sheet impact or technology risk (off balance sheet)

Sharing in reducing the Earths climate issues


Portfolio performance benchmarking

Building energy use analytics

Building Energy Performance Assessment

Energy Performance Risk Assessment

Retrofit Performance Tracking and Reporting

Energy Modeling Tools for Retrofit Analysis

Savings - Insurance Policy

Cash Flow Positive - Guaranteed & Insured

If your business has taken the decision to investigate ways to reduce your energy consumption, no doubt you have received proposals from a number of companies selling the benefits of doing business with them and installing their particular technology or solution.


The various project proposals probably look good on paper, all promising significant financial savings – but what happens if those savings fail to materialise? You could be left with a very expensive white elephant.  A hole in your budget and the prospect of having to revise your cash flow forecasts all over again to remove the non-existent energy savings.

Perhaps you can seek redress from the supplier but what if the company has gone out of business or their own balance sheet simply isn’t robust enough to make good your losses. It’s easy to ‘guarantee’ their technology’s performance on paper and when they want the sale but are you sure they can really write you that cheque?