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Home Solution


OAIRO internal atmosphere replaces your traditional central heating and provides a highly efficient air conditioned space, the smart control systems combined with solar options, heating and cooling for every room in your house.    OAIRO are proud to be associated with the Worlds first Carbon Zero homes.


Smart controls allow you to manage your energy consumption and human wellbeing.

1. The Home

Our intelligent highly accurate sensors ensure optimal air supply to maintain the desired temperature, humidity and air quality.

The supply to the space is via a range of beautiful grills.

2. Kitchen

Extract ventilation modes reduce your running costs based on air quality and pollutants whilst increasing air quality.

3. Living Room

The atmosphere is maintained and controlled via the sensors to keep the climate within +/-1º of set point based on the live load in the space.

3. Bathroom

Can be programmed to the unoccupied set point with instant activation of the occupied set point upon entry - Make ready occurs without drafts in as little as 53 seconds.

4. Bedroom

Sleep through the night with a stable temperature. 

Breathe easy technology ensures you have the finest air quality at the lower levels of the room i.e. No CO2 pollutant pockets at bed level.  The atmosphere is kept free of mould spores and allergens.

6. Insulation

The OAIRO solution creates a unique 20-25mm air insulation blanket around the perimeter of each room. The insulation blanket adds a high insulation factor to any property no matter of construction.

Boost your families wellbeing

 - Superior air quality

 - increase mental performance

Reduce your operating costs

Track & control your energy efficiency

Visibility and control via web app

Online help desk online

A clear path to smarter buildings


SAVE up to 70% of your
homes utility costs