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Distributor - Reseller - Installer


Our core lies in financial strategies to drive energy efficiency.

To this end we have created a FUND and developed Building Managment Systems for SMART buildings with the simple aim of combining all energy consuming devices into one solution, giving the client a holistical approach.

Everyone can now be Energy efficient.

Visualisation of Energy usage, Metering and Verification and user operability of the systems are key.


(We also offer our suppliers a service to write software to drive their products if they don't already have it)

email Katie@OAIRO.com for more information

No longer is price or capital availability the boundary to Energy Efficiency,  OAIRO - Finances the entire project for your clients, giving you endless sales opportunities.
Finance repayments are made from sharing the resulting energy savings.


Energy Savings  = CO2 emission reduction

Equals good Corporate & Social Responsability.


We explore your projects, Clients credit worthiness, predict the energy savings and then finance the project from the predicted savings. "NEGAWATT"

As an OAIRO PARTNER you benefit from selling / installing your products and also receiving a commission on the energy saving for the length of the contract, typically 3 - 15 years.