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"Atomic Air Technology"

Stochastic Air Projection for the perfect indoor environment

Simplify the tech...  mixing air with Oairo is like a well stirred coffee... smooth with a pleasant after taste

The traditional AC system is like trying to make a White Coffee by consistently adding milk until it mixes evenly, this requires very large volumes of milk and forms uneaven layers - Density changes in formulation.

Result; multiple levels of density - Bad Taste and a large cost

The OAIRO Atmosphere solution gives you a perfectly mixed White Coffee with the smallest possible dash of milk - Finely controlled to create perfection.

Result; The perfect mix with a Great Taste and minimal cost.

No Stratification!


Control: the key to smart buildings

BOOST your functional performance.



OAIRO lets you capture BMS and facilities management data on site, in real time, and store it securely online.
So every task—from scheduling resources, to emergency maintenance requests—is only a click away. This lets you create efficiencies and service standards that are unachievable with traditional CAFM tools.