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atomixAir uses the laws of physics to produce the ultimate utilisation of kinetic energy.


The system uniquely induces a natural phenomena in order to distribute molecules at speeds in excess of 1000 metres per second  without the aid of fans, this creates molecular collisions resulting in a “Stochastic Motion” Which eliminates any draughts and utlises 100% of the molecular capacity of the space.


The result is our ability to perfectly mix the atmosphere in a room without generating hot or cold spots or pollutant pockets. 


A superior and healthy atmosphere for you to live, work and play in.


The desired temperature, humidity and quality of the air can be specified with day and night parameters for each ventilation zone and will be monitored and controlled continuously thereafter using the unique OAIRO – Atomic Air solution.

Human well-being together with the built asset will benefit from the perfect 


The resulting Energy Savings can be up to 70%, Saving energy reduces emissions of CO2, reducing climate change


Atomic Air, perfect environment

Human wellbeing together with the built asset will benefit from the perfect atmosphere.


The resulting Energy Savings can be up to  70%, Saving energy reduces emissions of CO2 reducing climate change

The system forms part of a complete engineering assessment and retrofit to include Variable Speed fans, pumps, AHU's, Chillers etc.

Traditional airflow, induce convection leading to Hot & cold spots with Pollutant pockets

Simplify the tech...  mixing air with atomixAIR is like a well stirred coffee

The traditional AC system is like trying to make a White Coffee by consistently adding milk until it mixes evenly, this requires very large volumes of milk and forms uneaven layers - Density changes in formulation.

Result; multiple levels of density - Bad Taste and a large cost

The atomixAIR Atmosphere solution gives you a perfectly mixed White Coffee with the smallest possible dash of milk - Finely controlled to create perfection.

Result; The perfect mix with a Great Taste and minimal cost.

No Stratification!